Gaborone Botswana

The Kgosi Monument Gaborone, Botswana Heritage and History are a very integral part of African life. The three Dikgosi monument statue found in Gaborone, is growing to be one of the most popular tourist attractions found in Botswana's Capital. This great monument pays tribute to our country's unforgotten heroes:  Khama III who was Chief of the Bangwato tribe,  Sebete I who was Chief of the Bakwena tribe, Bathoen I who was Chief of the Bangwaketse tribe who all played a major part in securing the freedom of their kinsmen during times of slavery and apartheid.

The three chiefs travelled to Great Britain during times of apartheid to seek assistance from Queen Victoria and Joseph Chamberlain in protecting the then Bechuanaland; which today is known as Botswana, against becoming a slave colony under Cecil Rhodes. It is because of these three chiefs that Bechuanaland remained a protectorate under British rule until the country gained its independence in September1966. The Three Dikgosi monument is one of the nation's greatest symbols of Tswana pride and legacy.

It is housed in the nation's Central business district in the heart of the city of Gaborone, rightfully so. The Three Dikgosi monument stands 5.4M (about 18ft) tall and each of the individual figures are made entirely of bronze and set on a granite stone table. The monument is truly a wonder in itself, the history behind the three Dikgosi monument not only makes it an ideal tourist attraction but also includes it's visitors in the remarkable history behind it. Visitors will get to learn about the background of each of the chiefs and the tribes represented, which are known to be the major tribes of Botswana.