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I think I'm # I wrote about a night in Gaborone, Botswana today because it was a really great travel memory. It is a young city that has experienced most of its explosion since the diamond was discovered in the 1970s, and offers a break to visitors who wander north in Botswana. The city centre is dominated by glitzy casinos and a large number of hotels, restaurants and bars.

Jazz fans will find this place in the west of the city, just behind the bar, which has turned into a hangout for young people. If you want to hang out with friends and have a few drinks before you go dancing, you will like it. It is a quiet restaurant, suitable for business meetings held during the week, but a great place to celebrate in the evening.

Manager Wendy Masalila says the main course, however, is the seafood platter, which consists of giant prawns, crabs, squid and others. This is a place for meat lovers and samba dancers, because two of the things for which Rodizio is famous are his meatballs and his samba dancers.

My favourite is the chicken espetada, a boneless chicken leg grilled in a sauce of olive oil and garlic, separated by pickled jalapenos, golden brown and topped with garlic butter. Visitors can also enjoy oxtails with daddy, while on Tuesdays the MKOP serves beef curry with the starch of your choice.

If you just want to indulge in the predator, Rodizio, located at the top of Riverwalk Mall, should make sure your incisors are sufficiently sharpened. The restaurant serves breakfast at 0900 and is not currently open on Sundays, but the shop is open Monday - Friday 0800 - 1800 and Saturday and Sunday 0800 - 1700. If you look at this place, it's a great place for a quick lunch or dinner, especially if you fancy something a little different from the usual dishes. The restaurant serves breakfast from 9.30 am and lunch from 11.30 am, dinner from 1430 to 1600 and brunch from 1630 to 1730. The restaurant is currently closed on Sundays.

Non-essential facilities, including restaurants and bars, will be closed at 10pm so staff and guests can go home before the curfew is imposed. The curfew is designed to prevent people from gathering late at night, and to allow restaurants, bars and taverns to continue working and earning income while at the same time being able to work and earn income.

We believe that our success depends on creating and retaining people who are able to provide exceptional service and experience to our customers at all times. We are putting our resources at the disposal of the people of South Africa to protect them and to provide care for those in need. Our employees are our most important resource and bear the primary responsibility for the safety and well-being of our guests and employees.

After consultation with various stakeholders, the Cabinet has decided to declare Nelson Mandela Bay a coronavirus hotspot, with a differentiated approach for the other two districts of Gaborone and Gauteng. This means that the same additional restrictions that apply to Nelson Mandela Bay will remain in place until we see a significant and sustained reduction in infections and that they will apply to all districts from midnight. Health Minister Dr. Zwelini Mkhize visited the area, and the two following districts were also declared CoronaVIRUS hotspots by the Cabinet. Some will become infected, become seriously ill and die tragically, "the cabinet said.

By maintaining traditional values, Sgotti aims to promote the use of indigenous and water-saving plants in the food and beverage industry in Gaborone and Gauteng. This will put the importance of sustainable food production and consumption into perspective in a healthy environment. Through our growing experience, we have encouraged the use of this native, waterwise plant in our restaurants and other local businesses.

The MKOP opened its doors in February 2016 and has brought a wide range of dishes under one roof to Gaborone, Gauteng, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesville. The idea of offering a wider range of French bistro menus in Botswana, none of which exist, was born. When a dish works very well in Africa, especially in the South African headquarters, we leave it on our menu, which allows Europe to satisfy our local clientele, which consists mainly of young people, young professionals and young business owners.

We keep our customers "favorite dishes on the menu, although we usually change our menu every three months. People come to discover food that they come back to again and again and that offers a great service. They come because they discover good food, good service and a good atmosphere for which they have come back.

On a recent visit to Sgotti's we were treated to a typical strawberry daiquiri cocktail, served by our waiter and waitress. On the menu you will find lamb thighs braised in ginger, onions, spices and garlic for the lovers of lamb, and tswana chicken served in bogobe ba lerotse (Morogo in Setswana). Typical dishes include bread and butter chicken, served with rice, dumplings and roasted lamb, served stirring vegetables. We also hide in tes dishes, such as tse - te - tte, a dish of chicken and rice with sweet and sour sauce. One of our dishes is served as a side dish with the famous chicken salad or as an appetizer for dinner.

More About Gaborone

More About Gaborone